Book In Two Weeks – Day 3

Day three of the “Book In Two Weeks Experiment” involves:

Finding out what format to write in (PDF or Word) to get it printed correctly.

Once again, I’m pretty lazy, so I just asked a friend who’s already written a book and self-published it and had a good experience.

He used a service called

He used them instead of others because they’re kind of a one-stop shop.  So if I upload my “7 Ways I Made Money” book (or whatever I end up calling it)…..I’ll get from them:

  • An ISBN number for the book.
  • Their “distribution engine” automatically puts the book up for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kindle and a bunch of other online book stores.
  • You can order PHYSICAL copies of the book from them.
  • You can order DIGITAL copies of the book from them.
  • They’ll convert your .DOC digital version of the book into a .PDF (good, because I’m not writing a whole book in PDF!)

SO I just have to write the book in .doc format…..however I wanted to run a quick test to see how a sample conversion would go (I don’t wanna have to re-format the whole thing after the conversion).;

I copied a blog post into Word (from this post) and then converted it to PDF from a free online conversion tool:

….to see what would happen:

….the conversion went perfectly!

So today’s question has been answered:

The entire book will be written in Microsoft Word.

The writing begins tomorrow!