Book Two weeks thingy

Well the book in two weeks is pretty much done.

“But Nevilleeee it’s been more than two weeks!!”

1.) Screw off!
2.) Lemme explain….

The book is done with the exception of some minor picture editing.   I still have to upload it which is generally the easiest part of this equation.

However other projects are taking up a bit of time.  As you may (or may not) know, I’ve become a semi-famous copywriter in the last 4 1/2 months….so I’m being approached by all these cool people to do stuff for them.

Also I’m releasing this KopywritingKourse soon…and a lot of people have been getting anxious to see it (that makes me smile) :-)

Anywhoozle, it’ll be coming out on AppSumo on September 15th most likely… I’m busy making it the best I probably can.  I’m 100% convinced whoever watches this video course will have their lives changed in the way they communicate (it starts with their writing first, but then permeates into regular speech after a while).

They already ran a test on how well the course would sell….
….and it tested through the god damn moon!

So ::cross-fingers:: it’ll do well :-)


Alright alright….enough about ME ME ME.  Here’s something for you:

It’s Boo The Dog!!

Friend him on Facebook!

I’m slightly obsessed.  He’s my most checked page on Facebook!