books are the training weights of the mind

“Books are the training weights of the mind.”


I’ve read a helluva lot of books, and they’ve helped change my life for the better, and maybe that’s why I’m so interested in making them (that desire comes/goes in spurts).  

Two years back I wanted to see if I could write a book in two weeks.  AND I DID!

But only recently did I think of publishing it on Amazon.

I buy pretty much EVERY book through Amazon Prime….and I was curious if I could get that little book available to everyone on Amazon.

And it happened……check it out!!

I just get a kick that someone can order that book on Amazon, and get my face delivered to their door!

When I show people the physical book, they get curious how I made it.

It was pretty damn simple:
1.) I went to

2.) Uploaded the book in PDF format (I wrote it in Microsoft Word, although now I’d suggest you write your book in Google Docs and do “save as PDF” when done).

3.) After entering in other random info, the book was ready to ship!

Within a few days, the listing goes up live.  You can separately upload the same book to Amazon’s Kindle Publishing platform, and within a few days, the physical book and Kindle book get linked… mine are here:

I started giving out random copies of this book recently, and everyone so far has loved it, and said, “This makes me wanna go out and do my own experiments!!”

Just thought it was cool that nowadays you can publish something so easily.

Maybe if there’s a solid piece of material you wrote, you could upload it and get it published on just for fun too!