Carver Matrix for Monthly Productivity

I was reading a book from the library like I so often do, and I came across this interesting thing:

C.A.R.V.E.R. …it’s a way the military (or in this book, the Navy SEAL’s) use to determine which target is the MOST important.

Immediately I was intrigued because this could so easily relate to everyday situations not-cool-as-blowing-up-a-power-plant on enemy territory.

In the past I’ve wrote down challenges and goals I have for a month, and try to indicate which is most important.  The biggest problem is I pull those numbers out of my ass. There’s no QUANTITATIVE number assigned to those issues to see which one is most important.

This method seemed to help with that.

Carver Matrix

A little while ago I wrote about putting my monthly goals on my iPhone….that was a pretty good idea that has worked well so far….but I think taking that up a notch and labeling them by importance would be even better.  To do this I’d simply run them through the Carver Matrix. I did a sample run to see how it would work:

P.S. The book is called Unleash The Warrior Within….it was decent material with some good stuff tossed in.