Clearing Up Consfusion

It seems a lot of people expect me to get a job right after I graduate college. Why must that be the norm? Does a company care about your family and income when you loose your job? NO. So why should you slave away your life working for somebody else? Why work for a company when you can own it?

I think if you are up to the challenge and willing to take the risk of not having a steady income, you can become a very successful person if you work hard and if you work right.

I plan on becoming an Investment Creator, or one who creates investment vehicles for himself. These include businesses, stock investments and real estate. These things can all be done while holding a job or working full time towards them. The trick is to treat it like a job, in other words if you treat investing like a part time thing then you will not get full results.

After college I plan to either jump right in, or work for people who know the knowledge I seek then apply it to my own investments.