December 2010 Goals

November 2010 goals have been knocked out of the way.  Time to move on!

In that month I did happen to turn 28 years old, so I will be changing the tagline of this site to “28” instead of “27”.

So here are the new updated December 2010 Goals that will sit on my desk this month:

I could only think of three things this month I really wanted to focus on:

  1. Reduce customer service needs for House OF Rave.
    I already have many quick implementations to do this.  I will be keeping a list of every action I have to take for customers, and group them into categories.  It should be pretty clear in about one week what people are contacting me about the most.  Then take simple steps to avoid that problem from happening, or automate the process to handle the problem.  Currently I spend about 30 minutes to an hour each day handling these issues (although keep in mind this is a busier season than most).
  2. Use this blog like Twitter.
    I like the idea of Twitter, but I lose the ability to look at my archives to get a glimpse of what I was doing if I post all my updates there.  I’m posting those updates not necessarily for the world to see, but for ME!  So I want them on my own blog.  So I’m working out some bugs in the iPhone WordPress app that for some reason won’t let me post pictures to NevBlog from my phone.  Hopefully this will also encourage me to write more.
  3. CWPC content every week.
    You won’t figure out what it stands for, so don’t try Googling it.

As for the NEGATIVE ramification for not finishing goals this month, the stipulation is I give two bums in Austin 24 packs of beer as Christmas presents. It kind of reminds me of my Homeless Drinking Experiment and Results….except I don’t want to encourage it.

Well, here’s to a productive Holiday season 2010!  ::clink::