Do I HAVE to use it?

Credit cards. Ughh.

I’ve been using my own check card since I was a senior in high school, and I love it. Transactions are immediately posted online and you can only spend what you have. I’ve only recently got a credit card to help build my credit, but I’ve barely used it.

Since I have to use it, I fight the tactics CC companies use to make you overspend and borrow their money. Two of my tactics:

1.) Pay before you buy. I will pay off my credit card before any charges are posted. I will have a negative balance, and work my way up to a $0.00 balance as I charge items.

2.) Counteraction. Everytime I make a charge, I go home and immediately transfer the funds into an account I have for paying off the credit card. When the charge finally posts to my account, I always have the funds to pay it off.

I still believe credit should be used for buying assets only, not a new Gucci wallet.