Easiest job in the world

It’s possible to do nothing and get paid.
I would know, because it’s my job.

I oversee the computer lab on the 5th floor of the Law School Library at the University of Texas. I only work nights when no one is here.

This is how I work for the 3 or 4 hours I am there:

I get paid $7.32 an hour. The pay is relatively low, but consider what I do:

–1.) If someone asks for help, I help them.
–2.) If someone prints something, I place their printout on a table 4 feet away from the printer.

Of course at night no one is here to ask questions and no one is here to print. Therefore I get paid to do homework, business or anything else (Where do you think I created NevBlog from??)

This is a perfect student job because you can get so much work done during work.

Not only do I do nothing, I also get:

  • A really cool boss (But he leaves at 5:00pm, so I never see him).
  • Free printing
  • Free use of computers, scanners, DVD burners etc.
  • Fridge
  • Wireless internet
  • Average of $260 paycheck every 2 weeks.

Walk through the library with me through this video:

Warning: I always have plenty of “stuff” to do, so working night hours is perfect for me. Other co-workers however have found night hours to be “Mindnumbingly boring” and “Excruciatingly quiet