What the f-heck… actually gets traffic, and AdSense clicks?

This obscure little side business I started on April 29th in a coffee shop has fallen off my radar for quite sometime.

I quickly got bored of the site and only posted very few blog templates. The idea was solid and pretty unique, I just didn’t further pursue it.

I checked today and was surprised it got ANY traffic at all. Apparently it’s getting over 160 hits a day and an average of two Google Adsense clicks per day. Interesting.

I immediately redesigned the site with Dreamweaver instead of Frontpage and I will post it this weekend. I will also try to updated it twice a week. I already made all the page templates today and just have to copy/paste more blog templates.

It won’t be a big money maker, but a $100 check every now and then wouldn’t be so bad. I still refuse to put Adsense on NevBlog.