Finishing a Psych 309 Class

Long story short with lots of important details left out:

1.) While in college I took a Psychology 309 class by correspondence so I could do it over the internet.

2.) I’ve always been pretty lazy about school.

3.) I have till March 22nd to finish the course (I leave for China on March 23rd and the class expires on the 30th or is marked as if I failed.

4.) I was almost done with the course when my computer crashed…no backups of the course work.

5.) I’ve got to re-do the whole thing in less than a month.

6.) I’ve been saying #5 for the last 4 months.

Each lesson has 2 parts, a computer-graded assignment and an essay for the instructor to grade. I have to finish the course much before the planned end date because something always goes wrong and a buffer zone is required.

Judging by my academic past, this kind of feat has never been pulled off (Oh yea, and I HAVE to make at least an 80 in the course). Each section of this class is really, really long and some of the questions are quite in-depth. So much for being a blowoff class like I initially thought. With everything else I have going on, this is going to be hard…..but possible if I focus on it.

In the top-right corner of this page I want to put a check-off list near my calendar to ensure I’m keeping pace with this schedule….but I’ll do that later because I’ve already spent 30 minutes making this post and TALKING about doing the coursework rather than just doing it.

Someone needs to call me up and bitch at me if the assignments aren’t on time….like a mean professor.