Getting Nothing Done

I’d like it to be publicly known that my 3 hours of work today were COMPLETELY WASTED.

I work the night shift at the UT Law School computer lab for a few reasons:

-Very cool boss (who I only see on Friday)

-At night no one is there, so I have very little actual work to do (basically none).

-All the free computers, scanners, office supplies, printing etc. I ever need.

-Get a couple of rooms to myself with an enclosed office for talking on the phone.

-Flexible hours, but I usually keep them routine so I can work at nights.

-I get to do whatever I want and get paid at the same time. I usually get all my homework done, along with any web design etc. at work.

I get paid a paltry $7.32 an hour, but considering I get to do whatever I want while on the job, it is a perfect job for a student that needs the time!

The point of this post is: I am graduating in 5 months, and I need to UTILIZE EVERY SECOND to be financially stable by then! So these wasted hours need to stop!