Goddamn I’m Fat

Doing a challenge with Sam and Casey, so got a Dexascan to figure out what a fatty I am:

After a long and un-monitored holiday season I wanna trim back down to a target weight of ~165lbs. I’m not particularly concerned with exact weight, but more appearances.

Steps to improve this:

  • Track daily calories. Keep intake between 1,600 and 1,950
  • Keep track of protein intake. 100g – 180g range/day.
  • Caffeine only from black coffee or tea.
  • Drinks should be pre-planned.
  • Daytime meals mostly light weight and fruit.
  • Have my friends body-shame me till I lose weight.
  • Bought a Eufy Scale and tracking daily morning/night measurements:

I did a few of these things before with great success.

Let’s start!