House Keeping

Few points of interest:

-Part 2 of the Bottled Water Experiment will be posted tomorrow. That’s right, I’ve got Barry the Bum selling 5 cases of bottled water this Tuesday. So far I’ve invested $42. Will he run away with my investment or outperform all expectations?

-My Alamo Apprentice team (Here and Here) beat the opposing team by 152% and set a new record for food/drink sales for a Wednesday night.

-I bought my first tailored suit. Thanks to “Bob” for the hookup.

-I bought another pair of shorts from Nordstrom. I still can’t believe how courteous and helpful their employees are. My own friends aren’t even that nice to me!

PineCone Research sent me a $5 check for a 20 minute survey. Very painless process, and they sent the check in less than 5 days. Brought to my attention by Jim at Barganeering.

-I didn’t meet my 4-31-2005 goal of making $11,000. Son of a……. It was pretty much an arbitrary number that I selected, but I’m still very dissapointed I failed. I will continue to keep track of how much money I’ve made for another few months. I need to further analyze the wrong steps I took to miss the goals.

-I’ve added FORUMS to the site. It’s a work in progress, but fully ready for posting. Registration costs $150.00…..just kidding, it’s free and not even necessary (you owe me now!)