Improving HoR – Day 11 – Cart Upgrade

Today for HoR I further populated the 4th of July Section which I want ready by month’s end, however the most important thing today is I bought a $325 upgrade for Shopsite, the server-side software I use for HouseOfRave.

A few of the goals I previously set out that will be now be possible with this upgrade are:

  • Upselling commonly bought items at checkout.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Automatic Google Base XML feed submission (thanks to Adam’s post for jump starting this idea).
  • Free shipping coupons.
  • Analyzation of in-store keyword searches.

There’s a couple more features the upgrade has, but the main ones I bought it for is the checkout screen upsell feature and auto Google Base XML submission.

In the coming days I install it, I’m sure there will be a little learning time for the new features, plus maybe a problem or two. Murphy’s Law ya know!