Improving HoR – Day 16 – Disco Time

Today for improving HoR I added a bunch of cross-sell items to the products in the Disco Ball section of HouseOfRave.

Another improvement to the disco ball section today is the addition of a “how-to” page. Every once in a while I get calls or emails asking what is needed to create a full disco ball setup. I’m sure if a few people are emailing and asking about this, a lot more are wondering.

Come to think about it…it isn’t very intuitive. People who want a whole disco ball setup in their house, apartment, game room, business…whatever, need three things: A disco ball, a motor and a light. There are different types of disco balls, different motors for different sized disco balls and different types of lights. To cure this confusion I decided to make a simple graphic that explains this:

….that’s not quite enough to explain it, so when clicked, it brings visitors to the “How To Setup A Disco Ball” page which I made today. I’ll admit this isn’t the neatest tutorial around, but it can help clear up some confusion to the novice disco ball buyer.

How To Setup A Disco Ball

In the tutorial are several steps on how to setup a disco ball and it also shows HouseOfRave’s offerings. It isn’t overly complicated, but it gives people a better idea of what’s needed.

I wrote the tutorial, snapped some quick pictures, cropped them and posted them in a new page. Hopefully this little addition will help improve the quality of the Disco Ball section.