Improving HoR – Day 5 – HackerSafe Symbol

A nice guy called me out of the blue one day, and did his sales pitch. It was good, I had been thinking about, so I took the bait and signed up.

He was selling the HackerSafe logo occasionally seen on larger websites, it looks like this:

He got me to sign up for a $187/month service plus setup fee on a business that costs a total of $350/month to run. Must have been a damn good sales pitch!

Anyhow, I’m on a cost reduction/improvement phase for House Of Rave, so right now I can’t justify DOUBLING my monthly expenses to put up that logo. Kind of a mistake to sign up at this point….despite the wonders they claim the logo can do. I do like having the logo there, but the numbers simply don’t work in my favor:

They gave me a free trial period, but so far I haven’t seen any direct effect on sales. I’m still skeptical that simply showing this logo can increase sales (on a website this small). Rather at this point in HouseOfRave’s life….product selection, improved usability etc. would be more effective at increasing sales. For a small business like HoR, I just don’t think the HackerSafe logo is right at this time.

Now maybe if it were something reasonable like $50/month….