Improving HoR – Day 8

Improving HoR today dealt mainly with making the Glowstick section more congruent.

I changed a lot of the prices (as they have been raised), properly calculated shipping prices and calibrated all the product layouts to the new top cart. I also added some new 10″ high intensity and 10 ” Ultra high intensity glowsticks to the section.

When I tell people about HouseOfRave they usually say, “Oh, so you sell a lot of glowsticks?” It’s an understandable misconception…but in reality I don’t make much money on glowsticks. However I do make money every once in a while on the big, bulk glow orders.

Another thing I started doing today was preparing for a HouseOfRave email blast. I’ll be sending this particular blast out sometime towards the end of the month using Vertical Response. It’ll be to 4,000 emails (a group of customers who haven’t ordered in at least 6 months from the mailing list). I could send it to more, but this seems like a nice test size to run some numbers.

This will be my second email blast ever for HouseOfRave, the first one was a total disaster:

  • It looked horrible
  • It had a long load times for the images
  • If the address wasn’t capable of HTML it just showed code
  • I simply sent it using Outlook
  • I put the addresses in the “To” field instead of “BCC” field, therefore IIFFFF the email was even opened correctly, it showed 5 long pages of email addresses before the content began.

Quite embarrassing! I also (understandably) got a lot of angry people emailing me back saying, “I can’t believe you openly shared my email…” I’ve got much more experience with email marketing since then, and will hopefully send out a successful, nicely designed, customer friendly email. I’m curious to see the order impact it will have (if any).