Improving HoR This Month

For the remainder of April I want to dramatically increase the quality of my online business House of Rave.

I’ve decided for this month not to contract work out and simply focus on one thing. Of course lots of other things go on at the same time, but I’d like to pin-point my focus on HoR.

So for April I will post daily about progress I’ve made. I’ll do this every day, even if the changes are relatively minute.

Some visual and content things I need to focus on:

  • Shopping cart re-positioning.
  • Header re-design and changes.
  • Footer Changes.
  • View Cart button re-positioning.
  • Shopping cart layout optimization.
  • Update shipping information.
  • Cross-selling items.
  • Upsell items at checkout.
  • Update return information and policies.
  • All over more professional feel to the site.

Some more “shopping experience” things I need to focus on (which I’ve never focused on before):

  • Checkout process.
  • Differentiate normal checkout from Google Checkout.
  • Order confirmation email and text.
  • Tracking number email and text.

Feel free to suggest possible upgrades and point out confusing portions of the site throughout the series of posts.

Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.