It’s Gettin Hot In Here

Last night…
Dec 24th around 7:30 pm:

I was having a pre-christmas dinner with my family.  Out of the corner of my eye I spy (that rhymes) an EXTREMELY bright flash along with the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life.  It rattled the house and kept rumbling for a long time.

Immediately I knew that lightning had struck somewhere right next to us.  It seemed like our backyard.  We didn’t think too much of it.

Fast forward to roughly 12:45am at night (Early Christmas morning on the 25th):
We look out the window to see an “orange glow” behind one of our palm trees in the backyard.  A little curiosity sent us to the backyard to see that a house right across the street (from our backyard) was fully on FIRE!

I climbed on my fence to get a better view, and I could see some emergency crew just arrived.  I saw an emergency crew guy going to knock on the door of the neighbors house to warn them, but then he started running full speed, and in one completely awesome move he did a flying jump kick which violently burst open the door and ran inside screaming for everyone to evacuate!  It was pretty damn awesome.

At this point the flames were sometimes blowing 4 to 5 stories high in the strong winds.  Fortunately it had rained earlier so no other houses were seriously damaged.

Here’s shortly after they had most of it extinguished:

That giant cherry-picker thing was cool to watch:

Funny enough, the fire was started at 7:30pm by lightning, but ended up finally catching momentum after midnight.  Apparently:

  • 7:30om The lightning struck the house and started a fire in the attic.
  • The owner put out the small fire and thought everything was cool (pun intended).
  • Small embers kept burning, and started gaining strength.
  • By 12:45am (Christmas morning) the house was fully engulfed in flames.

By the time the fire was put out, the house was completely gone.  Yes, the brick face of the wall looks nearly unscathed in the pictures, but a side-view of the house shows it’s pretty much 100% hollowed out.

There’s some sort of moral to this story, but I’m not clever enough to figure it out.