Jon Brelig, Kunal Das

Through college I’ve met very few people who have made much money through entrepreneurial ventures. Even in many entrepreneurial clubs there still few people who have actually done much.

I like to observe people who I think “have it in them” in order to learn a way to improve my own chances of success. So far I’ve seen two people I KNOW will be successful in the future:

Jon Brelig:
Strengths: Intricate computer programming knowledge.
It’s very rare to meet someone so good at programming who also has a keen business sense and extroverted personality. Jon’s current claim to fame is, one of the largest ski-condition websites in America.

Jon is still a student, yet makes serious cash because of the automated system he built for SkiReport. Of course he won’t just let his cash flow top off, so he is currently re-doing the entire site to accept reservations.

Prior to SkiReport, Jon had a web solutions company which did tons of business in the Colorado area. He was a step above all the other high school kids who designed a few websites and claimed they had a ‘web solutions’ company (like me).


Kunal Das:
Strengths: Networking skills, leadership and persistence.
This guy knows pretty much every person in the world. His network is extremely large, and he knows how to meet new people. He is a natural born leader and manager and has started several businesses with many employees to show. His current project is Grade-A-Books.

Kunal buys back books for more cash than the Co-Op, then sells them for cheaper, right on campus. Since the Co-Op gets such a high profit margin from their used books, Kunal can afford to accept a smaller one.


One thing I’ve picked up from Jon’s SkiReport is to automate everything. He has spent considerable time and frustration creating a phenomenal backend system, and it allows him to get things done extremely quick with little effort. Kunal demonstrates the need for being a great leader. His current and past businesses have helped him develop great leadership skills which are crucial for running a business.

“Surround yourself with those smarter than you”