Learning Predictions and Start

It’s around 3pm here and I’m about to embark upon the homeless experiment in less than an hour.

Here are some predictions of what I’ll learn from this Homeless Experiment:

  • Almost all people are pretty much physiologically the same. Donald Trump and the hunched over guy with the shopping cart standing on the corner are nearly identical. It’s the contents inside the 3 lbs. of grey mass between your ears that counts.
  • The system that helps people who are homeless inadvertently puts them in a cycle of homelessness.
  • Most of the people who end up chronically homeless have some sort of hardship past, social skills problems or mental illness.
  • Most of the people who end up temporarily homeless are probably not that different from the everyday middle class person with a house, car and family.
  • Hope for the future is probably not very evident within the chronically homeless population.
  • A lot of the people I talk to will “Just want a decent place to live and relax.” …however won’t be seriously willing to work that hard for it.


I’ve got everything packed and ready to go. Being true to the alias there’s really not much stuff that I’m taking. I’m only carrying what I can fit in a school backpack plus a sleeping bag:

Aside from that I won’t have much else. I’m bringing no money and no food with me. In case you’re wondering, here is what I look like at the moment….this is my “pity-pose” I’ll be using to look sad and deserving of leftover food:

Pretty convincing eh! While I’m posting these I can’t stop laughing at what I look like! My first agenda item is to score some food, so after a long walk in the Texas sun during the hottest part of the day, I’ll whip out this pre-made sign I have on a big intersection street corner:

I personally think this sign will work VERY well, and within an hour I’ll probably get a decent amount of food to last me through the night…..at least that’s my prediction.

Well, without further adieu, I’m off!