Marketing Tactics

As the school semester begins to wind down, student apartment complex’s have kicked their marketing efforts into high gear.

I personally live in a student apartment, and it is nice to have only students living around me. The competition for tenents is fierce, so these complex’s come up with all sorts of ways to market.

They give out all sorts of t-shirts, keychains, mugs, frisbee’s etc on campus, but the most unique thing I saw was on Friday.

The UT Shuttle System has over 20,000 student riders per day. An SUV plastered with signs from a local apartment complex came to the bus stop with about 15 people waiting and handed out brown bag lunches which had a BBQ sandwich and soft drink inside each. They then gave T-shirt’s to everyone, and said if they spot you wearing the shirt on Tuesday’s they will give you $50 cash!

This random act of kindness very much impressed everyone, creating a good vibe for that certain apartment complex. As I attempt to market condos this weekend, I need to come up with a direct marketing method that’s creative and cost efficient.