Marketing – UT Aquatics Center

I love seeing new ways of effective marketing, especially on a large scale. An example I’ve seen lately is the brand new outdoor/indoor aquatics complex here at the University of Texas.

Two buildings were demolished to make room for this structure in the epicenter of the UT campus. It serves absolutely no educational purpose and will probably distract students from school….yet it will make the UT campus education level go up.

UT Austin has become one of the most desirable colleges in Texas, causing record numbers of applications. They have cut the number of admitted students each semester, yet are getting more and more applications. Demand is way up and supply is down.

Because of this, UT is getting phenomenally difficult to get in. The increased competition is allowing only very well qualified students into the college. To further increase this demand and therefore caliber of students, UT Austin has created this additional ‘fun’ feature to the campus.

The complex was just finished and officially opened. It has a 12 lane lap pool, a giant hot tub, a “beach” pool and a volleyball pool. There is also a cafe and tons of lounge chairs. When potential freshman come for tours, this should definitely impress them.

Removing books from libraries, putting coffee shops everywhere, adding new resturaunts, free transportation to 6th Street and now a giant aquatic center in the middle of campus….it’s a brilliant way to increase competition for UT admission.

I could learn a thing or two from this method of indirect advertising as I am rolling out some new businesses in 2006. I’ve already come up with some indirect ways to advertise. This is sort of like the free videos and pictures on House Of Most people will view them and leave, but some will actually stay and buy something.

Just something to keep in mind!