Mont Blanc Pen Refill Trick

Randomly browsing StumbleUpon one day I saw this little video:

“Make a $200 pen for $6”

…..I thought this was soooo cool!

As a kid who used to collect mechanical pencils in middle school…..naturally I HAD to try this.

I immediately bought some Pilot G2 Pens and Mont Blanc Pen Refills from Amazon.  The pens are super cheap, the Mont Blanc refills are $6.00/piece.  I bought two 2-packs of them.

Fast forward one week for delivery time and it was time to do some pen-surgery:

Notice how the Mont Blanc refill is eeeveerrr sssooo slligghttlly longer than the G2 refill.  This is actually long enough to make them not compatible:

This means you get out some scissors and do a small little snip-snip.  The end piece is just soft plastic, so even cheap-o scissors will be fine:

DONE!  Now just insert the freshly-operated-on Mont Blanc pen refill into the G2 pen and it works perfectly!

You can even see which Mont Blanc-enstein pens you’ve modified through the casing:

I actually waited a few weeks to post this….just to make sure the pens were actually really good….
and I gotta say……..