More Business Ideas

If I have an idea, I write it down on my:

Here are three business ideas I formulated from reading, one of my favorite websites.

Office in a bucket:
Buy a couple of these portable offices/booths and store them at your place. They are around the size of a large trash can, and inflate into a semi-private room. Place some ads and you can rent them out. Unlike traditional inflatable buildings, these Office In a Bucket structures can be setup and taken down by the renter.

Super Fast Pizza:
This idea seems like a great money maker, especially if you get in early. Fast, hot pizza. The difference is the pizza is actually made during delivery in the van. This means the pizza comes out of the oven and is delivered to your door within the next minute. Delivery times are under 15 minutes and the pizza is less expensive. As an avid pizza connoisseur, this sounds profitable and delicious.

Oil Cleaning:
After an oil change, oil is generally discarded. Now there is a portable machine that can separate good oil from its impurities. With tons of oil being wasted everyday, this seems like a golden opportunity for anyone who can pull it off. Take the dirty oil from oil change stations, run it through the machine, re-sell. You could even get people to bring you their old oil for free if you dispose or reuse it in an environmentally safe manner.

That’s all for me.

Written by Neville on June 3rd, 2005