My Businesses
Rave, Club, Party and Light Up Supplies.

The House Of Rave Full Story

Entertainment and Gift Supply

The start of BodyMonkey
(Shut down to go full time with

Palm R e p o r t . com:
Online Palm Reading website that I made around 2006/2007:

Someone once told me I had a small “Money Line” on my hand. I was trying to play a joke back on them and prove them wrong, and was surprised to see a lack of places to get your palm read online.

Seeing an opportunity, I had my favorite Romanian developing team create a custom system that could accept image uploads and Palm R e p o r t was born. Of course finding a palm reader that wasn’t totally full of BS was a whole other adventure!

Recently sold it. (links removed after sold)


Enwon Inc:
The parent company for an of my ventures.

How I got the name.

————————————————————— (Sold)
Facebook ASCII Art, Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Apps Reviews.

Started it for $220 in May 2006.
Sold it in August 2007 for $5,500.

————————————————————— (sold)
Custom Resume Webpages

To earn some extra cash in college I started Resumite which developed resume websites for individuals. It worked decently well, mainly I got all my business around the UT campus from flyers I posted.

I stopped doing this and site laid dormant for a long time, I later put it up for sale and got around $200 for it.

Personal blog of Neville Medhora.

Starting at the age of 22 I started documenting my financial situation for all to see. This made me get serious about my own finances and get serious about improving the situation. Since the start this blog has been featured in many large publications like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. I used to track all the income I made, but I recently removed it. I don’t consider this blog to be a business, but I have experimented with putting up advertising several times (1, 2, 3) to see if I could make money.

I enjoy maintaining this blog because it helps me keep track of what I’ve been doing and it helps me meet all sorts of interesting people I otherwise would not have met.

I think by far the thing most people enjoy is the Bottled Water Selling Experiment and the Scratch Lottery Experiment. The story that’s helped the most people (I get emails about this every single day) is the House Of Rave story which explains how I setup a drop shipping business from my high school computer.


Other Projects:
I’ve always loved starting websites, and I won’t go into great detail here about all the small projects I’ve started then stopped over the years. Every one of them COULD have been a success had I devoted all my effort. However some of them were either just not worth the effort, or more importantly, just not interesting to me.

At one point I remember having a wall covered with 10 different to-do lists from 10 different sites I created. From there I realized one of the most cliched pieces of advice is actually true: You’ve got to love what you do.

Oddly enough the most successful things I’ve done were things I really enjoyed doing. My earliest example was “Neville’s Cool Car Archive” from when I was 16. I was obsessed with cars, so I would take pictures from internet, Photoshop the backgrounds black and post them online as computer desktop wallpapers. I did this from the only domain I owned: Back then the site was getting so much traffic it kept overloading my hosting account, and since I never thought of trying to make money from it, I eventually turned it into a personal website.