My Goals

Short Term Goals:

  • Ideal Goal: By December 31st, 2005, I should have at least 3 different sources of steady income (not including a job). All sources of income should together average about $7,500 of dependable income per month.
  • Minimum Requirement: By December 31st, 2005 I should have found a way to independently pay all my bills/expenses for myself and have money leftover for investing, savings, rainy day and spending. My liquidable balance should be slightly over $45,000 with an investment portfolio of at least $25,000.

Medium Term Goals:

  • Have at least 4 different sources of income, balanced in different industries to survive good and bad markets.
  • Accumulate somewhere near $1,000,000 in liquidable assets by age 27. This includes cash savings and stock.
  • Get mentioned in at least 5 of these sources by age 27: CNBC, New York Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Register, The Financial Times, Yahoo News, Google News, Bloomberg, BBC, Wired, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics.

Long Term Goals

  • Form Enwon into a conglomerate with at least 5 different subsidiary companies under the corporation. Companies will be balanced in different industries to survive good and bad markets. These would most likely include the liquor industry, asset management, 2 inventions in the consumer products area and real estate.
  • Follow plan outlined in my aspirations