NevBlog F.A.Q.

Why does your page look so simple?
-I’d rather focus on content than site layout.

You seem to be all about money. What’s up with that?
-This is a financial blog, therefore everything I write will somehow pertain to money.

I’ve noticed you don’t write too much about about current events, why?
1.) My opinion doesn’t matter unless I am going to take action on the event.
2.) It seems pointless to simply reiterate and comment on the news.

For a personal financial blogger, you do not seem to be very frugal.
-That’s because I have no trouble spending within my means. I spend in areas where it counts and I only will spend what I can truly afford.

Won’t all work and no play make Nev a dull boy?
-I work hard and play even harder. I also find being entrepreneurial to be “fun”. Working at a job is alright, but entrepreneuring is often enthralling, even when performing mundane tasks.

What are your views on the books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Millionaire Next Door”?
-Rich Dad – I think it is a decent inspirational book that can novices start managing their financial affairs better.
-Millionaire Next Door – This is the way most Americans (or anywhere) with a steady job should live their lives.

What reading material do you like?

  • There are a sleu of blogs such as TheKirkReport I read everyday along with the basic newsources: CNN, NYTimes, BBC etc.
  • I print out and read the BerkshireHathaway notes to investors all the time.
  • Anything by Earl Nightingale should be plated in gold.
  • The undoubtedly best book I’ve ever read was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill.  I have some other book recommendations here.
  • The Gary Halbert Letter (Google it).
  • I go to the public library about 3-5 times a week and find books of varying subjects.
  • Often I stroll through the stacks of the library, see a book that catches interest, then sit down right there and read the whole book.
  • I keep journals and write notes of most things I read….or at least put snippets of them in my iPhone.

Why should I take financial advice from you?
-You shouldn’t.

What was your major in college?
-Political Science with a business minor (from The University of Texas).

Shouldn’t you have gone for a business degree since you are more finance minded?

How often do you post?
-Every other day except weekends. I might post once a day if I feel like it. No, scratch that…I’ll post whenever the hell I feel like it.

Do you report EVERY penny you have on the site?
-I (used) to post accurate information about many of my accounts.

Do you post all your business adventures on the site?
-No. Many of my ventures are not posted as some require a certain level of anonymity for different reasons. The best stuff is often the most confidential.

What is the purpose of this site?
-I created this site for one selfish purpose, to keep track of my fiancial progress.  If someone learns something in the process, that’s a great bonus.