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Written from Union Square in New York where Noah and I have rented a condo for a week

I was speaking with a younger friend who’s taken a liking to New York recently.

….and we were discussing why New York churns out so many hustlers, deal-makers and driven people.

And it came down to:
Competition for resources.

You smash 10 million people into a tiny spit of land, and the competition for EVERYTHING naturally builds.

Here’s a real example:
A woman in Georgia sold her company for $7million.

“WOW!” said all her friends in Georgia…..“YOU”RE RICH!”

She moved to New York City and bought a condo which a person with $7,000,000 can afford (in the $1.5 – $2mil range)….and suddenly she felt poor.

She could look across the river, and see condos which only people with $100million in the bank could buy.

Then she could look a little to the left and see homes and penthouses that only billionaires could afford.

Whereas back in her neck of Georgia, she was the queen-of-the-world… NYC she was just a poor little fish.

That $7,000,000 payday seemed like a windfall in one place, and like a small paycheck in another.

All because of increased competition for resources.  


This concept very much reminds me of THIS post:
….and how you are most often a product of your environment.