New Casio Exilim EX-S500 – Orange

This will be the 3rd generation of Casio Exilim cameras I own. I love these cameras. Everything about them is good, and each subsequent model far surpasses the previous.

This was my old camera which recently broke after an 8 foot fall: The Casio Exilim EX-S3:

Here is my new toy, the Casio Exilim EX-S500 – Orange:

The camera takes great pictures, I’ve only had it for a short time, but here are some sample pics I took today. I’ve reduced the picture sizes to 1000px.

My FAVORITE feature however is the unlimited video capture. This thing is basically a video camera! It takes video camera quality movies, I keep it only on “normal” video resolution and it still looks amazing. I’ve included some sample videos I took today. The squirrel video was edited and converted to .wmv format. The in-car video was taken at normal video quality, and posted as taken by the camera.

The Exilims all have an extremely high “Wow” factor when you see them….more than any other gadget I’ve owned. This will be the 4th camera I’ve gone through. The Coolpix was immediately sold on Ebay when the Exilim first came out. My first Exilim was given away for free to a good friend, the 2nd Exilim served me well but is broken, and now I have a new, shiny orange camera.

I bought it on Ebay using “Buy It Now” for $393. That includes shipping, insurance and a 3-year warranty….not bad at all. The orange color will be available in the United States later this month.