New Place On The Lake

School is out till the 31st of August, meaning I have about two weeks to concentrate on business projects big and small. It’s time to stop spending time on school and start dedicating full days to business projects.

I’ve also moved out of my old apartment……

…..and moved into a bigger, 2-storey apartment on the lake. I’m less than half a mile from the freeway, and I still get great views like this from my balcony:

So far I plan on spending $0.00 on furniture. Our living room is already stocked, and I’m not too picky about what’s in my room. I’m an awful decorator anyway.

I’m hoping to score a free mattress somewhere around Austin, so I’ve been cruising CraigsList quite often. I might eventually take a trip to WalMart or Fry’s for a small computer desk, but for now I’m going to play it cheap.

The lake is a 10 second walk out my door, and I met my new neighbors, these gooses and ducks!

The move hasn’t been bad so far. One of my roommates has a hookup for free moving trucks, so we’ve spent literally nothing the entire time.