New Venture –

Starting a side income is not hard as most people think. Take for example the “business” I thought of, then created in 15 minutes:

FancyBlog will be one of the only sites that offers free blog templates for a variety of blogging formats.

FancyBlog will offer:
Blogger Templates
Xanga Templates
Xanga Skins
Movable Type Templates
WordPress Templates

Here is the quick story of how I thought of and ACTED UPON the idea behind FancyBlog. This all happened on Sunday (4-10-2005) at 2:15pm:

  • 2:15pm – Doing some work at a coffee house when….
  • 2:16pm – Realized people like to “fancy up” their blogs.
  • 2:17pm – Checked availability of domain name.
  • 2:19pm – Had the domain name registered.
  • 2:20pm – Setup the DNS service on my server
  • 2:22pm – Designed a simple yet dynamicly upgradable site.
  • 2:25pm – Posted 2 blog templates for each blogging format.
  • 2:28pm – Adjustments and preperation for more templates.
  • 2:29pm – Added an advertisment for another business.

Will I make any advertising money on this? Who knows. Did I complete a business from “idea” to “live” in the time it takes to watch half a sit-com?….you betchyour ass I did. New blogs will continually be added and the business will hopefully take off.

Ideas are all around, just keep your eyes open for them.

On another note, people have lately been asking how much traffic I get. Here is a direct screenshot of my Plesk reports:

(Keep in mind that April is not over, so all traffic is not accounted for)