Notes – Arnold Workout Advice

Watched this video and took notes:




“How to get a body like Bruce Lee” YouTube Video

– Guys will often be muscular, but still have a big belly
– First place weight goes for men = stomach. Also first to leave.
– To lose weight, it is simple: Burn more than you eat.

  • Eat 2,000 calories, but burn off 2,500
  • Now in deficiency of 500 calories.

Practice “The Vacuum” everyday

  1. Stand up straight, preferably against a wall
  2. Suck in belly for 15 seconds, 3x, chest out.

This makes brain remember to keep the stomach in and avoid slouch.

Do not overtrain. 2 hours in the gym is WAY too much.

  • Will leave you sore and useless the next day
  • Especially if just starting.
  • 3 sets for body puts that genetically grow well
  • 5-6 sets for body parts lagging behind

– When you hurt something, lay off, or you’ll make it way worse.

– Do 200 crunches per day.
– He doesn’t have “favorite” movies, no such thing.
– Even though his famous lines are simple, it’s not about WHAT the line is… it’s about HOW you say it with attitude.
– LOL @ ending “pump up’ jokes with finger.


Download these notes (and transcription) as a Google Doc:

download google-doc