Notes from under a bridge

So as I posted earlier, I am sending this from Under a bridge
(ironically also one of my favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper songs).

I remember talking to my new buddy Mike earlier, and he kept talking
about all the funny things all these animals do under this bridge.
Well it's night time and the show has begun! They all stay in the
brush and rarely venture onto the concrete.

I understand why he was so interested in the animals: There's
absolutely nothing to do here and they're somewhat entertaining to

Living here is actually dare I say….relatively pleasant. The birds
finally shutup at night, there are no bugs, no chance of rain under
here and pretty much no disturbances.

On the other side of the bridge live 5 Mexican guys. They're all
talking, but the sound is faint and not disruptive.

I setup my sleeping bag on top of a large piece of cardboard and feel
very secure and quite comfortable here.

Boredom seems to be an issue. I thought it was midnight by now but my
phone says 10:48….no wonder I don't feel tired yet.

I bet by tomorrow I'll start developing a slight stench. I only have
one shirt and I got pretty sweaty on the walk here in the sun.

So far the homeless experience actually hasn't been that bad. I've got
food, water, shelter. Maslow's basic needs have been fulfilled.


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Written by Neville on June 5th, 2009