Notes on Sam Altman – How To Build The Future Video

Took some notes on this Sam Altman video about building the future. It also has some great advice for young people (which I’m not that young so I didn’t take close notes on) 😂


Neville Medhora’s notes on PVR-IAH-SAN flight

  • What’s important: Find something at the intersection of what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and where you can create value for the world.
  • Most people just “fall into” something, however, it’s worth giving thought to where you want to go or what you’re going to spend working on during your working hours.
  • Picking people: You should be willing to move. Be near them.
  • “The way things set done in the world is through a combination of focus and personal connection.” 3rd faction is self belief in your idea.
  • Burnout isn’t caused by working too hard, it’s caused by not being excited or having momentum, momentum is energizing.
  • “How does that person get all those things done?”
    • They have momentum in their favor.
  • Being young, unknown and poor is a great gift.
  • Important to be a dooer, not a talker. Don’t just go conferences etc. just to take a risk and go all in.
  • When thinking about a starting be willing to go all in for a long time
  • Most super successful people have pretty strong opinions on the future.

Download these notes (and transcription) as a Google Doc:

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