October 2010 Goals

I definitely sucked at my September 2010 Goals.

…this was in part to moving to a new apartment and not having internet or a proper place to work….checkout my view of the sunset!!  (Both taken with my iPhone):

…however that’s just an excuse.  It was mostly laziness.

Anyhow, I’m all setup again and learned a hell of a lot from blogging everyday.  Particularly the best way for me to accomplish something is by creating a negative consequence I won’t be happy with.  I feel like if I do this for several months in a row, it’ll become a habit.

So I planned out my October 2010 Goals, and reluctantly made only four goals (I’ve found out when I put too many things on there I rarely end get them all done):

#1.) Great customer service on HouseOfRave.  This will be a daily thing.  It will consist of spending 20-some minutes in the morning, and 20-some minutes before 5pm on handling all customer service requests.

This often isn’t even that much work, and it has many benefits:

  • Happy customers
  • Less stress from piling up customer issues
  • Less charge backs
  • More return visits.

All of these things all = more $$$$$$.

#2.) Two HoR pics/video sets per week.  Basically it’s this. I used to do nearly ONE A DAY at some points.  I’ve literally just been lazy and not doing them.  BAD NEVILLE.

#3.) Four HoR Emails & Promos.  I just need to remember to send out newsletters.  Simple as that.

#4.) NevBlog fully re-designed.  I already implemented this new WordPress theme…I just need it cleaned up.  I’ll be hiring a WordPress designer and get all the funky formatting corrected.  Preferably I’ll find someone in Austin who can help me with a few simple fixes.


OK, so how am I going to keep accountable for these four goals??

I was asking my brother and roommate how to keep accountable this month and I randomly spurted out this gem:

“If I don’t accomplish my goals this month, I’ll give away my bike to this particular crack-head bum I see on the street corner all the time.”

I met this particular bum doing The Homeless Experiment and personally know this guy is a huge druggy and alchy. I will be DAMNED before I give that (insert lots of derogatory words here) bum gets my mountain bike.  I ride that bike all the time and love it (I actually bought it from Lance Armstrong’s bike shop here in Austin)!

So there you have it.  If I don’t have those four goals crossed off  on Oct. 31st, 2010….I’ll give my beloved bike away to that bum.