Point Down

A friend told me that an interesting (yet effective) marketing technique on
webpages is to make the text slowly start pointing downwards to
the place where you want the visitors to click. It kind of makes sense to
make the text itself form an “arrow” down to the button, plus it all seems to
lead down a path, and the click (or whatever action) is the final stage.  I
suppose this works well because of the naturally down pointing text.  It’s
probably some sort of human reaction to follow the path that’s marked out,
like a crowd of people walking through one door when the other doors are
all open.  They simply follow the crowd.  This seems like one of
those techniques that makes you say, “Why am I still
reading this” …but you keep reading all the way to
the bottom.  By the end you’re so invested in
reading that you’ll naturally be much more
inclined to click or fill out some form or
whatever the author wants you to
do.  I’m not exactly sure how
effective this is from hard
numbers…..but I bet it
works decently well.