Post NYC Asset Update

OUCH. New York for two weeks left an $825 dent in my wallet. Not working also threw off my monthly income by a bit, but I made a $913 profit from my online business to counteract that.

Also, I am now only reporting usable, liquid assets of mine. I will still report my business balance account which holds funds I owe, but I will not consider it an asset.

These last few days have been harsh on stocks, so my longterm holdings are not doing so hot. I have also transfered all the money I owe for my business to the business balance account. I like keeping my business 100% debt free, which is not great looking for balance sheets, but I like having no liabilites for now.

General Account: $423

Spending Account: $82

Investment Account: $860

Permanent Savings: $5,300

Stock Portfolio Value: $7,810

Total Assests: $14,475

Credit Card Balance: $0

Business Balance: $4,392


So far my financial year is not off to the right start, but I am changing that soon!

Written by Neville on January 5th, 2005