Properly Positioned To Be "Lucky"

In my community there is a very successful man by the name of Mr. Bhandara. I have had the good fortune of working closely with Mr. Bhandara and his son who is also on a sure path to great success. I have learned an incredible amount by working with them and learning new business tactics.

What I found a little unnerving was the way people summed up his greatest business deals to Luck. Mr. Bhandara has built up his business not through what some perceive as luck, but by doing his research and purchasing properties when no one else wants them. He happens to get lucky when his real estate value skyrockets because the area becomes better. This was done by taking risks and having the courage to buy when no one else would. He took all the risk, all the expense and all the time, and therefore is entitled to all the rewards.

I truly admire his ability to spot a diamond in the rough through constant observing, and going through with his plans despite criticism. I hope to learn even more than I already have from Mr. Bhandara and his son. I feel extremely lucky they have both allowed me to tag along and learn.