Quitting Law School Job

As things get busier for me, my time has become more valuable. I currently work at the UT Law School in the 5th floor computer lab. I got the job to do precisely nothing, which allows me time to do homework, business etc.

It’s a do nothing job so long as I work night hours. You can see how empty the 5th floor gets at night in this video clip:

do nothing job video

My evenings have become my primary time to run errands, meet people, get work done etc, so my work schedule is becoming an interference.

To solve this, I am quitting. On average I get a $250 paycheck every two weeks, less than a single, low maintenance business of mine brings in. It wasn’t bad pay, considering the most I’ve ever done at the job was this:

I will now have to live without that extra $500 per month, but I will make up for it with some upcoming businesses (One of which I missed the launch date of August 28th).


In other news, I turned in the Dalai Lama Press Application in preparation for my attempt to take a picture with the Dalai Lama. I had a very busy morning, so I scribbled down some information using NevBlog and Weblogs Inc. as publishing editors. At the office, I told them I was a freelancer. I’m sure they will check this site out and see what is REALLY going on!

Also, my next personal business has a new launch date of September 9th, 2005. I am currently outsourcing some writing and doing the proper research to get it up and running.