Random Updates

Random update:

My camera is dead….sort of. After a recent fall from about 6 or 7 feet onto concrete, it’s acting VERY weird.
One day the camera will not even turn on.
The next day, it might take garbled pictures like this:

The next day, it will work perfectly and take normal pictures:

The next day, it might decide to take regular pictures with heavy distortion over it:

I’ve got no more warranty and might be forced to Ebay this otherwise great condition Casio Exilim EX-S3.


As a lesson in controlling myself, last week I decided not to eat anything for 2 days. Only water. It’s not difficult to give up chocolate or coffee etc….but to give up a basic requirement of life requires a bit more self control. Instinct gets involved and tells you to eat.

I tried it out, and caved after exactly 24 hours. My stomach started doing all the thinking, and it endlessly searched for reasons to break the experiment. Unfortunately, I found one: a two hour rock climbing and free-bouldering session the next day….something you want SOME energy for!

I didn’t learn much from this failed attempt, other than I get really hungry after 24 hours.


The Herb Kelleher experiment is already going well. Previously I was ranked #47 on Google for the keyword Herb Kelleher, now I am around #15.


To further improve my knowledge, I am starting to learn about databases. There are all sorts of free MySQL tutorials over the web, so I have already started doing them with my spare time.
If you know the ins and outs of databases, you can integrate them with existing shopping cart software to do some pretty amazing things. You can also create customized solutions for businesses in need of automation.


I mentioned I had a new bussines venture underway a little while back. I’ve registered two domains, and I’m slowly creating content for the first site.

I have been trying out all sorts of different software to get the site to act the way I want. Hopefully the database experience might help….or else I will hire a student with database experience to do it for me. The business should be online innnnn…….a month?

I took a picture with my camera of a formal business plan I drew out so you can see what the business is: