Removed the Pixel Sale

One year ago I got the idea from to sell pixel squares on the site. This was a complete fad, and people were buying pixels to benefit from curious clickers and the search engine benefits of having more links.

I put them in the right hand corner of the site for a year, and so far here’s what happened from this little experiment.

  • A total of $2,300 was made from 46 squares sold.
  • 17 different people bought space on the site for $50 a square.
  • I learned that taking advantage of a fad makes people actually pay $50 for a little square.
  • The more people buy squares, the less value they have. People will only click a few squares out of curiosity.
  • There were 110 comments on the pixel square post, a lot of them along the lines of, “I once thought this guy was legit, but now he is coming off as a slimy used car salesman!”
  • The only person who made A LOT of money from selling little squares was the guy.

A year later, I’m taking these pixel ads down. The last pixel order I got was in May 2006. It was a fun little experiment, and the only real money I’ve ever made from this blog.

So goodbye Pixel Sale! Thanks for the money :-)