Review of Live Chat Programs

In the quest to earn more from several online businesses I am a part of, I’ve been searching for ways to improve sales & service.

A piece of software that was recommended was LivePerson. It’s actually pretty amazing. It primarily allows you to offer “Live Chat” on your website, but I’ve found its website tracking features to be more impressive.

You can view in real time exactly what a customer is doing on your website. The second they click “Add to Cart” or on a new product, you can see them doing it. The software then keeps all these statistics. It also shows you in real time how they found your site or what keyword they found your site with.

I installed LivePerson on House Of Rave and it’s pretty amazing to watch people rummage through the website. I can also see what city they are from, how long they’ve been browsing the site, if they are a returning visitor etc…

I will start offering Live Help on HoR very soon. But for now, I’ve noticed a large amount of customers find the site from the free videos and pictures, then end up browsing and buying.

If it’s videos and pictures that people want, then I’ll give them even more, perhaps even enable some sort of system to discuss and rate the vids/pics. The free demo of LivePerson helped me really see how people browse HoR.

The problem with LivePerson was the price. About $100/month for the most basic package. I did some more research and found some cheaper services….the only other one I liked was BoldChat.

BoldChat has similar software and features, but was much cheaper than LivePerson:

I’ve signed up for BoldChat, and will use it for a month to decide if it’s worth it. I ordered the full package which costs $79/month.

Hopefully integrating these systems will be one more step towards boosting HoR profits to the $5,000/month level.