risky kinetic

Three phases of every human life that’s ever existed:
1.) You’re born.
2.) You do some things.
3.) You fucking die.

So no matter what your problem is…..it pales in comparison with that 3rd stage.

This might help pump you up before you do anything:

YouTube video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFaiizcLTp0

Bookmark this video as a small piece of inspiration (I have a folder in my book marks just for inspirational stuff).  Also give it a YouTube “Like” if you don’t mind.

This video was originally part of an email I sent out called “Risky” which got an insanely large response.  Then Bryan from VideoFruit made my soothing voice into kinetic text.  Awesome!

Stay young & dumb my friend (said in my best Dos Equis Man voice).

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