Russian Wall Street Journal, Despair Poster

I was recently published in the Russian Wall Street Journal/Financial Times publication called Vedemosti. The reporter who did the interview, Victorya, was kind enough to send me a physical copy of the newspaper I was in:

The problem is, I have NO CLUE what it says about me! Everything is in Russian. On the other hand, I am extremely facinated by seeing my picture and not being able to read what the text says.

I will probably frame this article just for its conversation starter appeal.
I’ll also at some point translate the interview. I know the guy who writes HowToBePoor speaks Russian.

*Update: The article was translated for me.

A website I’ve liked for some time now is Despair Inc. They sell demotivational stuff, which I think is absolutely hilarious and brilliant.

I recently bought this poster to hang over my VoIP phone which I use mainly for business purposes. The poster is so absurd that it makes me want to do the opposite.

Surprisingly, the package the poster came in was from an Austin address not very far from where I live. I’ll probably swing by their office to see what goes on there, just purely out of curiosity.