Selling Some Sites

Over the next few weeks I’ll be selling off some websites on the SitePoint forums. It’s one of the better places I’ve seen to sell a site.

The sites I’ll be selling are sites which had (and still have) potential, but I’ve never been focused enough on them. I don’t think any of these sites failed as a businesses, they just lacked the attention they needed.

I will be selling off the following:

I remember building this site a while ago trying to sell Resume Websites.

Resume + Website = Resumite

I put up flyers around Austin, did some business and kind of lost interest. I wrote a post about it a while back, sometime when this blog was originally started.

I also did a post about this one. This was originally intended to be a place where people could browse blog themes from all different platforms of blogs. There was hardly any competition and a huge demand. I was never really into this site, but it now sits pretty on the internet with a PageRank of 5 and approximately 40-70 unique visitors a day. It hasn’t been updated almost since I started it in April ’05.

This site was started in May 2006 and picked up extremely quick. It had some appearances on Digg and similar sites and STILL gets between 1,100 and 1,450 unique hits a day, even though it hasn’t been updated.

It was intended to be a Facebook resource site for ASCII art, hacks, tips and tricks etc…
It started well, and even made a couple of bucks a day in Adsense, but I didn’t have the will to update it often. I’m sure someone could do great things with this site.

Every week I’ll post one of these websites in the SitePoint For Sale forums and see what they fetch! It costs $20 to post them, so that should be my only cost of selling them other than possible domain transfer fees.