Server Screwup

I’m still not sure how or why, but NevBlog DNS entries on my server changed, thus leaving the website inaccessible for a few days.

Since then, school has started, I’ve spent over $300 on books…grrr.

Some entrepreneurial adventures will start next week for me.

Speaking of entrepreneurship, my old roommate started a small company called Grade-A-Books. He basically buys back old college text books, then sells them cheaper than the University Co-Op (The bookstore which has a complete monopoly in the area). With a decent investment amount and a lot of organizing and time, he has successfully become a book dealer. Congrats to him! Not many other college students will rake in a couple thousand dollars in a few days!

As for now, I have to get back to reading. It seems this last semester will be my most work intensive yet….but there is ALWAYS time for making some more money!

Written by Neville on January 21st, 2005