Six Pack Update

Remember that Six Pack Experiment I did a while ago? (You can see all the posts here).

I tried to get six-pack abs quickly…and found the main way to get them quickly was by modifying my diet (in a sustainable way).

I started eating mostly raw food (even though I never gave up anything…especially not drinking!) and quickly lost a lot of weight (17 lbs in the first 5 weeks)!

Many people commented this change in eating wouldn’t last.  I didn’t think that was completely true, especially after using Adam’s MyBodyTutor service for four months which completely shifted the way I think about food.

So here we are, months after the six-pack experiment has ended, and even after I stopped using MyBodyTutor.

Have I started eating badly again?
Not really.  I’ve had SOME things I probably wouldn’t have ate during the experiment…but it’s extremely rare and I always regret eating the junk.

Does the temptation to eat a bunch of junk still come up?
Meh.  When you look at the end result of eating a food rather than the immediate gratification of it…junk food isn’t very appetizing.

What do you eat at restaurants now?
Salads.  I’ve never been a big foodie, so I love knowing EXACTLY what I’ll be eating at a restaurant.  It’s pretty hard to screw up a salad.  I’m actually surprised how easy it is to find healthy meals at even the WORST of restaurants.  Sometimes a salad will have meat on it, which is fine since I never gave up any type of food.

Have your drinking habits changed also?
Yes.  When I drink I’ll generally get a light beer or liquor with soda water (NOT to be confused with cola).  I’ll still have drinks that aren’t as healthy, but I keep it to a minimum.

What about your grocery habits?
I still buy pretty much only raw foods to keep at home. I save all the bad stuff for when I go out to restaurants.

What are your workout habits now?
Currently I do Bikram Yoga roughly every other day which keeps me really thin…so I workout in between days to keep my abs and chest reasonably toned.  I started working out again after my abs shrank from doing too much cardio and not enough strength training.

What do you look like now?
I just snapped these pictures in the mirror:

So recently I’ve stuck to my healthy habits.  I’m proud of that.

Will this last forever?  I hope…but that isn’t enough.

I’m a HUGE fan of this particular quote I heard Earl Nightingale say in one of his audio programs (I had to re-listen to about three 30-minute long audios to find this one damn quote):

Remember…Physical fitness is an unusual commodity.  You can’t buy it, borrow it, or steal it.  And once you have it, you can’t even store it.  To possess it you must make regular activity a daily habit, and physical exertion a part of your life.

–Earl Nightingale.   Direct Line.  Tape 2B.  27 min and 30 sec.

That is by far the most elegant quote I’ve ever heard about physical fitness.