Snagged Me An iPhone

iPhone’s are awesome, but I never really had the drive to buy the first generation. A friend told me the other day the new 3G ones are coming out and all the cool features it’d have so I went out and bought one.

If you think I have anything bad to say about the iPhone you can stop reading now, because I’m basically going to gush about how great it is for the remainder of the post.

I moseyed in the AT&T store Friday afternoon and they didn’t have any. A line of fanatical iPhone fans waited overnight for the first set of phones on Friday afternoon. Crazy people.

Well I turned into one of those crazy line-standing people on Saturday morning at 7am, two hours before the store opened because I specifically wanted the white iPhone (since it was the rarest) and they told me I’d most likely have to wait in line early.

I stood 12th in line Saturday morning and got the first of only 3 white phones they had at the store and have been living happily ever after since.

I knew the iPhone blows away pretty much every phone on the market, but I didn’t realize it was THIS good. I never had one before so I was mesmerized at how unbelievably intuitive this thing is. Even though it’s the most advanced phone out right now, it’s the absolute simplest to use. Everything utilizes the dragging/flicking feature which makes browsing around very easy (and fun):

If you recall I once bought a Treo 700 a while ago which turned out to be a disaster. That thing was HARD to use. It required lots of clicking, searching and tapping to do basic things like check email or play a song. For that reason the Treo ended up being more of an overpriced text messaging machine than anything. I couldn’t do too much else on it. The iPhone is like an easy-to-use computer that happens to have an amazing phone on it.

Now a top of the line device doesn’t cost a bottom feeder price (I totally didn’t mean for that to rhyme).
So let’s break down the pricing here:

iPhone: $400 (With two year contract)
Activation: $35
T-Mobile Contract Break: $200
AT&T Monthly billing: $145

So my first month of having this phone will cost: $780
Subsequent months will be $145/month (more than twice my $71.00 monthly rate for a basic T-mobile phone).

However the iPhone is so much more than a phone. You can do all sorts of things on it (and if you’re not careful, waste a whole bunch of time). When I’m not near my piano, I can now play on the go:

Or browse the web…the browser is amazing. The Treo I had could hardly load anything but Google, this thing can easily load big, ugly, un-optimized, bandwidth-hogging websites like yours truly:

For now I’m extremely satisfied with the purchase, and really glad I have all these extra features chilling in my pocket now. We’ll see if it’s worth it in the long run. However like all my previous expensive electronics I generally end up losing or breaking them in less than 6 months, so look for the “I lost (or crushed) my iPhone” post soon!