Thanks for buying the copywriting!

Sweet!  You just bought a one-time offer for my copywriting for crazy cheap.

Remember:  I didn’t want your money for this…I want your DATA!


1.) Email me anything you can about your offer.  Generally just showing me what you already have will give me more than enough ideas.

2.) Email me any other pieces of info you think will help (optional).

3.) Include your phone number where I can reach you (in case I want to pick your brain for ideas).

4.) email me at with the above info.

I’ll take these 10 pieces of copy I have to do in “first come, first serve” order…so it should be roughly a max of three days to get it back to you.

After that, test out my page and let me know the results!

Thanks again for taking part in this….please email or call if you have questions or problems:

Neville Medhora